Aloha & Welcome!

My name is Reesa, creator of HoniHoniSwimwear.  I have always had passion for creating and making things. You'll find that all of our pieces are REVERSIBLE and handmade with aloha (love). We're located on the beautiful island of Kauaʻi.  Our mission is to give you cute, comfortable, high quality, one-of-a-kind bikinis.  With REVERSIBLE you'll always be getting two bikinis for the price of one!

You may be wondering why/what is HoniHoni (ho-nee ho-nee).  This title was chosen because in Hawaiian translation, it means to breathe or to kiss.  I believe that we are blessed with a beautiful life.  Lets remember to stop, take a deep breath, be thankful for that breath and enjoy all the sweet kisses of what life has to offer.  When you are wearing a HoniHoni piece, let that be a reminder ♡  

Mahalo to all my friends, family and new found friends for all the love and support. I could not do it without you! 

Aloha nui