HoniHoni Swimwear

Honi (ho-nee) meaning: to breathe / kiss

Our interpretation of this word means to breathe in the presence/moment and respect all that is around you and to enjoy the sweet kisses that life has to offer. 

Our small growing business started because we enjoy creating, sewing, being outdoors and living our best life.  All body shapes are different, our goal is to bring bikinis that are cute, comfortable, and completely customizable. We're passionate about the quality of work we put into each handmade piece.  Every bikini is made reversible so you'll always be getting two for the price of one!

Mahalo to all our friends, family and new found friends for all the love and support.  We could not do it without you! 

Aloha nui,

Reesa Marcos  - Creator / designer



About Reesa

Reesa is a local girl born in Hawaii.  She moved to the island of Kauai when she was three years old.  At six years old, she learned how to use a sewing machine.  She loved creating clothes for her self and taking apart new and old items and making it her own.  

When she was in high school she was shopping at a local boutique and saw handmade swimwear for the first time.  Thats when she fell in love.  She loved the fact that she could customize bikinis to her size, style, color and wouldn't have to worry about finding cute stuff in her tiny size anymore.

Fast forward to six years later, (2015) she taught herself how to sew bikinis.  She'll tell you that working with stretch material for the first time is no easy task!  After A LOT of trial and error, a year later she was making bikinis she was proud of and proud to share with others.  In summer of 2016 HoniHoniSwimwear was born.  

Aside from loving to create and design, her true passion and motivation behind it all is to show her son that anything is possible.  Work hard and believe in yourself.