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Honi (ho-nee) meaning: to breathe / kiss

   Our goal is to make cute, comfortable, high quality bikinis, AND to remind you —every time you put on your HoniHoniSwimwear— to be in the moment, respect all that is around you, and to enjoy the sweet kisses that life has to offer.

our motto is to be the truest you, you can be. There is no one else like you and that is true beauty in itself. 


 HoniHoniSwimwear is entirely operated in Hawai'i by one pair of hands.  

Meet the owner/creator—


 Reesa, a local girl, born in Hawai’i, found her passion and inspiration for creating while growing up on the island Kauaʻi where adventures to beaches, hidden waterfalls, and gorgeous sunsets happen daily. 

Living in a place where a bikini is an everyday necessity, finding a “bikini that fits” was important, but wasn’t always easy. This is what encouraged Reesa to teach herself to sew her own bikinis. After months of trial and error, she began creating bikinis she was proud of and especially proud to share with others —sharing with a few, became sharing with many, and her passion grew into a wonderful online business. 

 The birth of her son is the greatest reason HoniHoniSwimwear was created. She wanted to be better, do better and be an example to her keiki (child). Reesa counts the blessings in her sons kisses, as his kisses are freely given, reflecting  the love and care she has instilled in him. Thus, the name HoniHoni. Truly a beautiful blessing.

 “Everything is possible with A LOT of love and hard work!”

Mahalo nui (big thank you) for all the love and support throughout this journey! A special mahalo to the woman who taught me how to use a sewing machine, my mom!  

A very special mahalo to my other half who encourages me to live my dream everyday! I love you <3

 xoxo, Reesa

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